Fall 2018 Membership Applications

Applications for Fall 2018 Membership are now open! Please visit the membership tab to access the form.
Applications for membership in Fall 2017 are now open! Please visit the Membership Application tab on our website to apply!

Welcome to Sigma Iota Rho!

W h o   W e   A r e

Sigma Iota Rho is the national honor society for International Studies. Founded in 1984 for students of International Affairs, it has promoted and rewarded scholarship for nearly 30 years.

At the UGA Gamma Theta chapter, we foster community and personal enrichment through social, academic, and career-based activities.

Our chapter accepts and inducts eligible members once a year. To learn more about requirements and applications, see our Membership page.

W h a t   W e   D o

Sigma Iota Rho focuses on hosting optional events for members that provide potential networking, informative speakers, and an involved community. Our main events include our annual Coffee with Professors, an opportunity held in order to allow students to make connections with SPIA professors.